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16th SUMM Lab "Into the Wild" Meeting

SUMM Lab members were engaged for 16th time into the wild. This time La Mola was chosen, a marvellous wild mountaineering site near Terrassa, Barcelona.
At the beginningThis last wednesdaty 13th of february 2013 was the day chosen for the 16th SUMM Lab "Into the Wild" meeting, which took place in La Mola.

The trip began in "Els Dipòsits" very early in the morning. We followed a very dangerous path that took us to the Ermita de Santa Agnès and, after many adventures, to the Cova del Drac (see image below).

Luckily, and after many sufferings we arrived at La Mola where we could restore ourselves by means of an excellent lunch based on mongetes and butiffarra and pa amb tomàquet essentially (others took even a wilder option, eating half a rabbit with its ears included).Cova del Drac

We came back at dusk, with all our supplies exhausted, including water. The brave and tough members of the SUMM Lab  bold enough to endure the trip and to go where no one has been before were (see image above):  Lingen Luo, Ricard Horta, Beatriz Escribano, Ioanna Papachristou, Oriol Travesset, Cristina Pérez, Juan Martínez and the one that wrotes this news, Martí Rosas.

May the force and  playmobil be with us, always!