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The Sustainability Measurement and Modeling Lab is a multidisciplinary research group1,2 involved in measuring and modeling the many facets of the sustainability science.The SUMM Lab was stablished in 2011 and its main activities are directed by its vision, its mission and its essential values. The vision defines the long term direction of its activities. The mission presents those things that the group would like to achieve and how. Finally, the essential values of the group are those values that, in spite of their inherent diversity, we consider essential in order to define our research.



A world where social and ecological systems are understood and managed with the objective of improving the well being of humankind and favor the sustainable co-evolution of human civilization and the biosphere.



The SUMM Lab wants to:

  • Advance in the comprehension of the complexity of interactions of ecological and social systems.

  • Generate knowledge for developing and applying integrative techniques to sustainably manage, govern and understand our world by means of inter- and trans- disciplinary research and technology transfer.

  • Promote integrative scientific communication and multidisciplinary encounters to develop the sustainability paradigm and science.

Essential values

  • Cooperation

  • Collaboration

  • Dignity

  • Honesty

  • Amiability

  • Care

  • Coherence

  • Responsibility

1 Grup de Recerca Reconegut per la Generalitat de Catalunya SGR 2014-2016, en modalitat de Grup de Recerca Emergent (codi 2014-SGR 00415).

2 Grup de Recerca Reconegut per la Generalitat de Catalunya SGR 2017-2019, en modalitat de Grup de Recerca Pre-consolidat (codi 2017-SGR 1417).